Fifth Week of Lent

The gospel of Jesus is one of hope. In raising someone from death he promises companionship, hope and eternal presence to all his people. This is the message of Christian hope.

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World Youth Day 2023

Lisbon, Portugal in August 2023.
The Leeds diocese Youth Team are making preparations for a group of young people (age range 16 - 30) to attend World Youth Day in summer 2023. Please follow the links below for more.

→ Two parishioners on World Youth Day 2016
→ Leeds Diocese Youth
→ WYD website


Loving God, We pray for the people of Ukraine, for all those suffering or afraid, be close to them and protect them. We pray for world leaders, for compassion, strength and wisdom to guide their choices. We pray for the world that in this moment of crisis, we may reach out in solidarity to our brothers and sisters in need. Amen.

→ For Ukraine - Leeds Festival Chorus
→ message from Bishop Marcus - Ukraine

Our Lady & All Saints Catholic Church

Mass times beginning 25th of March
5th Week Of Lent

Saturday 25th March
6.30pm Vigil Mass
Parish Deceased

Sunday 26th March
9.30am Mass
People of the Parish
11.15am Mass
Tony Hartigan
4.00pm Stations of the Cross

Monday 27th March
10.00am Mass
John Tucker

Tuesday 28th March
7.30pm Evening Mass
Rose Gaunt

Wednesday 29th March
10.00am Mass
Mary Lewis

Thursday 30th March
10.00am Mass
John O’Leary

Friday 31st March
10.00am Mass
Parish Deceased

Saturday 1st April
6.30pm Vigil Mass
Maureen Walsh

Sunday 2nd April
9.30am Mass
People of the Parish
11.15am Mass
John Gilsener
4.00pm Stations of the Cross

Our Parish

"For us Christ is everything. If you have a wound to heal, he is the doctor; if you are parched by fever; he is the spring; if you are oppressed by injustice, he is justice; if you are in need of help, he is strength; if you fear death, he is life; if you desire heaven, he is the way; if you are in darkness, he is the light.”
St Ambrose of Milan

Monday 20th March

St Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Saint Joseph was the spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary. As the Preface at Mass says: “For this just man was given by you as spouse to the Virgin Mother of God and set as a wise and faithful servant in charge of your household to watch like a father over your Only BegottenSon.”

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Sacrament of Reconciliation
by appointment with Father Lawrie

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Knock Shrine

The NEW Catholic Voice, Diocese of Lancaster.

Weekly Bulletin

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Honouring Sunday

"The Sunday Eucharist is a gift...
our deepest joy. We need to make it the foundation stone of our lives."

→ letter, Bishops of England & Wales Apr 21
→ letter, Bishops of England & Wales May 22


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Bishops' Letter

A Message from the Metropolitan Archbishops of the Catholic Church in England and Wales

A pastoral letter of encouragement during difficult times.

→ Pastoral letter ~ 7 ‎February 2021

Parish Representatives

Catholic Care Parish Representatives to be part of an integral network of people in the Diocese of Leeds, supporting vital services and people in need.

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