Week beginning 17 February

6th Week In Ordinary Time

Monday 17th February
8.10am Morning Prayer
8.30am Mass

Tuesday 18th February
7.00pm Rosary
7.30pm Evening Mass

Wednesday 19th February
8.10am Morning Prayer
8.30am Mass

Thursday 20th February
8.10am Morning Prayer
8.30am Mass

Friday 21st February
8.10am Morning Prayer
8.30am Mass

Saturday 22nd February
9.30am Rosary
10.00am Mass
10.30am - 11.00am Exposition
10.30am - 11.00am Confession

5.30pm - 6.15pm Confession

Sunday 23 February

Seventh Sunday In Ordinary Time

(Saturday 22nd February)
Vigil Mass of Sunday
6.30pm Vigil Mass

Sunday 23rd February
9.30am Mass
11.15am Mass

Sacrament of Reconciliation
Saturday 10.30am - 11.00am
Saturday 5.30pm - 6.15pm
also by appointment with Father Lawrie

Please refer to the bulletin for all Mass times, services and events

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Canon Lawrie Hulme Tel: 01943 462146

Address: 4 Bridge Street, Otley, LS21 3AZ

Parish email: office.ourladyallsaints@dioceseofleeds.org.uk

Parish Centre bookings: Tel: 07973 376312

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Christmas Parish Quarterly

The latest Quarterly is available to download here.

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The Parish Weekly Newsletter

Mass times, weekday feasts, parish & diocesan events, fundraising events, parish rotas and lots more.

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8AM Prayer Breakfast

7 March 2020 ~ Methodist Church,
hosted by Methodists

4 April 2020 ~ Salvation Army Hall,
hosted by New Life

2 May 2020 ~ Parish Church,
hosted by Parish Church


First Friday of each month, from 9.00 am to 6.30 pm, closing with evening Mass. Prayer and meditation before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament are great ways to spend some special time with Him. You can ask Him for graces for yourself or for loved ones, reflect on His Word, or just keep Him company!


The Holy Father's Homily and Angelus by video link from St Peter's Square, Rome on the Feast Of The Holy Family

→ Video link from Vatican News

The Prophets

When we celebrate the Liturgy of the Word at Mass we usually have an Old Testament reading and often this is from one of the Prophets. Who were these men, what did they say and why are they so important even today?

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Welcoming all